Tourism statistics: information seminar on the innovation introduced by the European regulation 692/2011


The Province of Rimini organized an information seminar last January 20 2012, within the European project STAR (Statistical networks in Tourism sector of Adriatic Regions) of which it is partner. The seminar - carried out in the framework of the promotional activities of the project - was dedicated to the innovation and impact of the new European rules - substituting the Directive 1995/57/CE – concerning the collection of statistical data about the tourist demand.

The new regulation was presented on national preview in front of more than 200 participants, among which mainly Public Administrations and hosting facilities. It prescribes more timeliness the transmission of the data to Eurostat and provides a meaningful upgrade of the information, thanks to the introduction of new variables (availability and use of rooms and beds) and to the improvement of the data harmonization level in UE states.

Maurizio Melucci, the Emilia-Romagna Regional Assessor for Tourism and Commerce, intervened in the opening of the conference and promoted the STAR project. He underlined the fact that STAR benefits from the past experience of the Rimini Province, which produced a prototype of web application. The involvement in the near future of all the project partners is envisaged to further develop and integrate the application. The Assessor for the statistical observatory, Juri Magrini, of Rimini Province underlined the necessity to make use of the sector operators’ advices in order to analyse in further depth and to implement the data detection system.

Fabio Tomasetti, manager of the Province of Rimini, illustrated the STAR project which aims to create a shared knowledge in the Adriatic area, where the combination "ICT + tourist information" is the key for the innovation and the improvement of tourism; the shared knowledge is to be reached, through a common methodological approach. Thanks to the STAR project, the Public Government and the tourism operators will have higher quality information available and will be able to better support strategic choices and the tourism competitiveness.

Gian Paolo Oneto (S.E.C. Istat manager) spoke about the new features introduced by the European regulation and Rossella Salvi, manager of the provincial statistical office, showed new tools for the detection of data.

In particular the software TOWER (Tourism On WEB Rimini) was shown. It is a software viewable on and made available (for free) by the Rimini Province for the collection and study of tourist flows. It is updated for new community provisions and totally innovative in the modality of data detection. The software allows a more direct communication between enterprises and the Public Government, according to the principles of the administrative simplification. This will allow the cancellation of the statistical honour, the lowering of the cost of data production, and the increase of the efficiency for both the Public Government and the involved companies.
TOWER is mostly important since it allows the provision of services in support of the marketing and tourist promotion, rapidly and with innovative information.